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Meet The Team


Corina Diehl Photo

Corina Diehl


Matthew Diehl Photo

Matthew Diehl

Vice President

Joe Pantone Photo

Joe Pantone

General Manager

Chuck Eddy Photo

Chuck Eddy

General Sales Manager

Don Suntheimer Photo

Don Suntheimer

Sales Manager

Craig Misier Photo

Craig Misier

Assistant Sales Manager

Chris Scott Photo

Chris Scott

Recon Manager

Juanita Fair Photo

Juanita Fair

Marketing Manager


Kamau Thornton Photo

Kamau Thornton

Sales Consultant

Geoffery Wilson Photo

Geoffery Wilson

Sales Consultant

Gesse Matlock Photo

Gesse Matlock

Sales Consultant

Maddisson Schmelzer Photo

Maddisson Schmelzer

Sales Consultant

Kylin Hart Photo

Kylin Hart

Sales Consultant

Anthony Backus Photo

Anthony Backus

Sales Consultant

Terrance Davis Photo

Terrance Davis

Sales Consultant


Patricia Hartman Photo

Patricia Hartman

Finance Manager

Colleen Swartz Photo

Colleen Swartz

Finance Manager


Eric Kramer Photo

Eric Kramer

Service Manager

John Dorus Photo

John Dorus

Service Advisor

Erika Bolt Photo

Erika Bolt

Administrative Assistant